Interconnected workspace
  • • Optimisation of the square metres
  • • Improvement in conditions of working together
  • • Attract, develop and retain the talent
  • • Build the company brand
  • • Help to improve well-being at work
    Innovation comes to the office. The new work generation expects technology to be available during the day and every day. Innovative companies are using Steelscape media:scape, a combination of furniture and technology, so as to make it possible to present and exchange information easily at work meetings.
    Node Chair
    This is designed for classrooms and where it is necessary to have a personal workspace to write that is adjustable, seats that are fully adjusted to the different postures of the users and the storage space. Its revolving wheels provide them with a high degree of mobility, thus encouraging class participation and communication.
    Idi Chair
    This is the work armchair and in turn those for meetings and waiting. Multi-function, ergonomics and design are its chief benefits. Synchronisation, revolving motion and versatility are its advantages; a completely new chair in the office of the future.
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