Revista 360º Número 1

360º magazine - Number 1
The workspace has never had to work as hard as now. On the front page our mind map (the brain-storming technique used by our IDEO colleagues to be able to give support to design thinking) illustrates how the…

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Revista 360º Número 2

360º magazine - Number 2
“You take your child to the teacher, but the pupils educate him”. Emerson’s observation is truer than ever. Students devote more to learning together, frequently working in…

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Revista 360º Número 3

360º magazine - Number 3
The world is more interconnected than ever. We are now all citizens of the world. And the events that are happening all over the world affect our personal and work lives instantly. Or more precisely…

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Revista 360º Número 4

360º magazine - Number 4
In the list of priorities of senior executives everywhere we find: maximise assets, bring down costs, compete in the new economy, promote innovation, develop the brand. In the meantime, heading…

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05 revista 360

Revista 360º - Número 5
En los momentos más significativos es importante mirar hacia adelante. Con el motivo del Centenario de Steelcase en el mundo, hemos preguntado a líderes tanto dentro como fuera de la empresa para que compartan...

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